Zigbee Gateway + Wireless Fire Detector Home Security Fire Alarm System Portable Smoke Alarm Sensor

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  • This  Fire Detector needs to be used with a Zigbee gateway
  •  Small and exquisite, but good performance, and easy to install.
  • Smoke sensitivity is high. If smoke is detected, an alarm will be given. Linkage smoke can also be connected to the host to send information to your mobile phone.
  • When the smoke is detected, a loud 80 dB alarm will sound.
  • This smoke detector is used to detect smoke in case of fire and ensure that all people can be awakened and alarmed in case of fire. It is suitable for smoke detector and alarm in places such as home, room, shop, hotel, restaurant, office, school, bank, library, computer room, warehouse, etc
  • Transmit power: <10dBm
  • Communication distance :100m
  • Receive sensitivity :-96dBm
  • Alarm sound :80dB (3m directly in front)
  • Low voltage alarm: 2.7V ± 0.1V
  • Detection range: 50m
  • Battery life :10 years
  • Wireless type :ZigBee