Smart Home IR Remote Control

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Home appliances can be controlled remotely from your smartphone:

1) Control all infrared devices-compatible with infrared remote control appliances: air conditioners, TVs, TV boxes, IPTV, DVD...; support DIY infrared learning, control more devices

2) DIY learning function-if your home appliance is not in the brand list or is not supported, you can copy the button function of the original remote control to the APP

3) Voice control-compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, provide voice control for your home appliances

4) APP application control-control your HUB-RC from anywhere in the world through the application

5) Set a timetable-never miss a second of the exciting game

6) Control the air conditioner — support 99% air conditioners in the market, automatic cloud panel matching, one-click download and application to the remote control. Turn on the air conditioner before going home and enjoy the warm time

7) Sharing devices-group your family, and control infrared devices with your family,-enjoy your smart life.