Smart Ball Light Bulb | 9W RGB Wifi Remote Control LED (4 Pcs)

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  • Download the APP“TUYA”
  • Install the Light Bulb
  • Connect with your Wifi by creating a TUYAaccount
  • CONTROL AT HOME OR AWAY: By using the APP you can turn off the lights after you left the house; turn them back on before you walking on the door.
  • WORK WITH ALEXA AND GOOGLE HOME ASSISTANT: This WiFi light bulb is compatible with Alexa, Google Home Assistant and IFTTT
  • EASY TO INSTALLATION: No hub required, no need to buy complicated expensive Bridge, the built-in Wifi makes you enjoy the smart life after you downloaded the APP and installed the bulb.
  • SUNRISE & SUNSET: Select the time you want to wake up, a gentle sunrise ease you into your day; Select the time you want to go to sleep, fall asleep gently by dimming the light.


The bulb comparison with other common models need to screw around one more turn.

Quantity: 4 pieces