Tuya Smart Holds the Southeast Asia Edition of Its Global IoT Press Meeting Series

SINGAPORE—June 18, 2021— Within days of holding the first-ever Global IoT Press Meeting in North America Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), a global leading IoT cloud platform, is back today with its next regional edition event. This time selecting Southeast Asia as its second destination, the meetup brought together leaders from the region to discuss the latest trends, challenges, current scenarios, and various growth opportunities of the IoT industry in Southeast Asia. Media including S! News, ASEAN Briefing, The News Bite, Asia One, Asia Tech, and other tech journalists from the region participated in the event.

Major brands like Ace Hardware Indonesia, Cherry, Schneider Electric, and Smart Control Technology (SCT) chose to be a part of the discussion together with spokespersons from the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF). Ross Luo, General Manager of Asia Pacific Region and Charles Zhao, BD Director of South East Asia APAC represented Tuya in the discussion.

The meeting was part of Tuya’s larger strategy to promote a comprehensive view of the IoT industry amidst challenging times. In terms of Internet penetration, Southeast Asia ranks among the top five regions in the world, making it a viable option for IoT penetration and to achieve connected living. With the theme “Connecting Every Thing and Every Person,” Tuya aims to share the latest insights and exchange ideas with veterans from the IoT industry.

Featuring keynote speeches from industry leaders in Southeast Asia, the prominent speaker agenda lineup showcased how Tuya’s robust platform has proven to be a strong partner for brands looking to innovate in the IoT field. By helping innumerable innovators and developers, Tuya’s leading IoT platform has become known as a trusted partner and leader of innovation in the IoT field.

“We are excited to unveil the next edition of the Global IoT Press Meeting in Southeast Asia because the region has tremendous opportunity for growth in the smart home market. Tuya being the leader in IoT space will have a major role in helping brands bring technology to mass consumers. With our motto ‘IoT Made Easy’ we believe in helping brands speed up their process to market, reduce costs and also provide opportunities for category expansion and monetization,” said Ross Luo, General Manager of Asia Pacific Region from Tuya Smart at the event.

Christina Xie, Director of Connected Systems PMO, Home and Distribution at Schneider Electric spoke about reinventing homes in an all-electric all-digital world, “Schneider Electric transforms homes from smart to smart and sustainable. Working with Tuya and with Wiser, we aim to provide homes that are more sustainable, resilient, efficient and personal so that it brings your home to life.”

Similar to the event series theme “Connecting Every Thing and Every Person”, the attending Ace Hardware Indonesia also aims to serve customers with their Smart Klic brand by building a smart product road map for a variety of products from light bulbs, to air purifiers, and from IR remotes, now to robotic vacuum cleaners. With many more options ahead, Ace Hardware Indonesia is working to connect every person and everything.

During the event, Tuya Smart and the SMF announced that both sides intend to sign a Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) to further strengthen their cooperation in smart business. “With this MOU, SMF member companies and the larger Singapore manufacturing community will be able to leverage Tuya Smart’s solutions to assist in adopting technological solutions that can enable enterprises to grow,” said Douglas Foo, President of the SMF.

In the current year, the major focus of Tuya is to bring together the global IoT industry during the ongoing pandemic and support various partners across markets, so as to establish the fact that IoT as a technology is beneficial for the mass market at large. With tailormade solutions for each region, Tuya aims to dig deep into the insights and learnings in different regions. With key global and regional partners like SMF, Schneider, Ace Hardware Indonesia, Cherry and SCT, Tuya seeks to advance the industry together with the help of associations and brands.

About Tuya Smart (Tuya Inc.)

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA) is a global leading IoT cloud platform with a mission to build an IoT developer ecosystem and enable everything to be smart. Tuya is the largest IoT PaaS business in the global market of IoT PaaS in terms of the volume of smart devices powered in 2020, according to CIC. Tuya has pioneered a purpose-built IoT cloud platform that delivers a full suite of offerings, including Platform-as-a-Service, or PaaS, and Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, to businesses and developers. Through its IoT cloud platform, Tuya has enabled developers to activate a vibrant IoT ecosystem of brands, OEMs, partners and end-users to engage and communicate through a broad range of smart devices.

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